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Elevate your Shopify store with the Advanced Facebook Pixel Optimizer. Seamlessly integrate multiple Facebook pixels and tap into niche markets for maximized profits. Navigate challenges like ad blockers and iOS 14 with our Facebook Conversion API integration. Plus, gain an edge with our FB Hidden Interest Finder, uncovering untapped keywords for hyper-targeted campaigns. Outpace competitors and refine your Facebook advertising strategy today.


Multiple Facebook Pixels

Install multiple Facebook pixels as Master/backup. Utilize Collection & Niche tag pixels to optimize your campaigns for maximum profit.


Ad blocked & IOS 14 Solution

Use Facebook Conversion API for more accurate reporting. Precisely track pixel events & never miss any data.


Hidden interest finder

Find Facebook keywords your competitors aren't targeting. Create hyper-focused advertising based on people's interests.

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Optimize Your Store with PixelFox

  • Download & Install

    Start your journey by downloading and installing PixelFox for free, paving the way for unparalleled Facebook advertising success.

  • Connect Your Facebook Pixels

    Easily link your Facebook pixels with PixelFox and begin tapping into niche markets, optimizing your reach and engagement.

  • Watch Your Conversions Soar

    With everything set up, sit back and watch as PixelFox enhances your conversions, bringing your Shopify store to the forefront of your niche.


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Free trial

7 Free days

  • 1 Pixel
  • 1 Conversion API Tracking
  • 1 Collection & Niche Tag
  • 1 Product Catalogue
  • Custom Audience Builder


$6.99 / Monthly

  • Live Support
  • 1 Pixel
  • 1 Conversion API Tracking
  • 1 Collection & Niche Tag
  • 1 Product Catalogue
  • Custom Audience Builder


$17.99 / Monthly

  • Live Support
  • Unlimited Pixels
  • Unlimited Conversion API Tracking
  • Unlimited Collection & Niche Tags
  • Unlimited Product Catalogues
  • Custom Audience Builder

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